Scenturie images use a neutral colour palette, natural elements and simple styling to really highlight these beautiful products and the natural ingredients that they contain.

We used lots of earthy colours like brown and green to work in with the packaging and continue that natural theme. We have added lots of flowers and foliage which drives home the story of a natural brand using natural ingredients and makes the product pop at the same time. We have shown products individually and in the groups and sets as they would be used.

Scenturie images are fresh, natural and clean and have been used by Scenturie on their website, social media, newsletters and marketing material.

When I first discovered Revised Edition I was completely mesmerized and intrigued! All I wanted to do was to stop and keep looking at the incredible images Nikki had created. Every photo she creates draws you in with its perfect balance of artistry, colour, interest, and detail. Every image tells a story that makes you want to stop and take it all in, leaving you hungry for more. I don’t think I have ever met such a gifted photographer who can elevate the simplest of things and make them look spectacular and so interesting.

Nikki’s photographs have been an integral part of building my company Scenturie. Her creative genius can transform a brand and have it demand attention. I knew early on that there was nobody else that could showcase my brand like she has done, and I am so proud to share the images she has created.

Nikki is a dream to work with. Her professionalism and communication are outstanding and the more I work with her the more I trust that she intuitively knows what is visually needed for my business. As well as this she is a really lovely person, who I enjoy working with very much.

Tania Cibulskis - Scenturie Founder

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