How to get the most out of your Client Brief

Welcome to our first blog post of 2021, we thought we would start with something pretty simple but also hope that it is helpful to our clients. Let’s dive right in!

Part of the process of working with Revised Edition is that you fill out our design brief. The questions are pretty standard but really help us to get a clear understanding of your brand and the direction that you want to take with your shoot – this is essential for us to be able to create images that are on brand and that you will love. Over the last few years, we have changed up these questions a little and now feel like we have the perfect combination of questions that will provide us with all the information we will need.

If you’re wondering how much you need to write for your answers, I would always say the more information the better! As flattering as it is to have someone say “we trust you and love your work” we still need direction from you as our visions for your brand may be completely different.

When you start to fill this out, we suggest that you really take your time with it and ensure that you include all the essential elements that make up your business. After we have read through your answers, we can better understand your brand, what you’re about, what you want your images to look like and have a rough idea of the direction that you want the shoot to take. The clearer you are with these details the more on-point the end results will be.

We would suggest that before you start to fill in the form that you do some research into styles that you like, colour palettes, lay outs etc and make yourself a mood board, it will be so helpful to have a visual reference that you can go back to as you go through the questions.

**Check out our Pinterest for inspiration. Canva is a great tool for making mood boards

So, let’s have a look at the questions that we ask and specifically what type of information we are after:

How would you describe your business or products?

An easy one to get started, this is where you tell us the name of your business, a description of your product and maybe some background on your brand if this is relevant. Brand values and goals are also another thing that we love to hear about – we need to be able to understand your mission and what you’re trying to achieve – your “why”.

How would you describe the overall look you want to achieve for your photos?

This is where you describe the direction that you want us to take with your shoot. Are you after something dark and moody, bright and bold, shadows, flat lays etc. This is your interpretation of what kind of setting you think your product would feel right at home in. If you’re not sure how to describe the look that you want then finding inspiration images will be super helpful with this (see the mood board that you created) there is room further down to attach some inspiration images so think about what you like about them and how you see your product fitting into a set up like that.

What are the images I provide you going to be used for? (e.g. Instagram, website, Facebook, Facebook banners)

This one is pretty self-explanatory but also essential. If you are wanting to use an image for Facebook banners then that is a completely different set up than if you are using it for Instagram. If the images are going to be used for print or billboards then they may have text over the top so this is where you can tell us all those details.

**Image styling and photography for Toi Toi Wines

Which colours appeal to you? (Please include your brand colours if applicable)

We love to talk colours; this is one of our favourite questions as we love to hear about what colour palettes we will be working with. If you already have brand colours that you would like carried through in image backdrops include them here and we can get backdrops painted to suit. It is a good idea to think about what kind of feeling you would like to create in the images, is it bright and vibrant with a summery theme, dark and moody or light and breezy? We are also happy to help you with colours if you are not sure just let us know but it is also important that you share your initial thoughts.

As far as props are concerned, what other items would you like or not like to see in the photos? (Please be specific)

This one can be a little trickier and obviously we are here to help. When you answer this question give some thought to the overall look that you have already described in question 2. Name any props that you think relate to your brand and are essential to getting your message across. If you are looking for something a little simpler, then your props might just be boxes or set shapes to add some interest. As much as we love to hear about your prop dreams it is also just as helpful to tell us about anything you definitely DON’T want to see then we can stay well clear of this.

Do you have any themes in mind that you would like your photos to follow?

This question is actually similar to question 2 but more specific to the theme of the shoot. Maybe you are wanting the images to take on a summer theme or they are for use over the festive season which may mean you want festive elements. If you don’t have a theme that is ok too.

Which 3 photos from my Instagram or website are your favourites? (see page 2) Please explain why you like these images and how you see the style working for your brand?

Aside from describing your brand I think this is one of the most important questions. The images that you choose shows me the style of shots you like and starts to make the direction of the shoot much clearer. Feel free to choose more than 3 images and collect inspiration from other sources as well – my Pinterest is a great place to find all the inspo you will need! Check that out here. It is important that you not only choose images that you like but styles you think will work for your product/brand. There is no point choosing a dark masculine shot as your inspiration if your brand is light, bright and minimalistic. Give some thought to how you see your product sitting in the settings that you have chosen as inspiration and you can explain your choices on the last page.

What is your deadline for this project?

Nothing complicated here but we do need to know if you have any deadlines. If your images are for a new website that is being launched by a specific date, if you need the shots to hand in for advertising and print. We don’t want to hold you up so let us know if you have a date in mind.

What kind of backdrops work for your brand? Light, Dark, Colour, Textures (List Details)

This question really builds on all the other information you have told us about colours, props etc Backdrops are one of the most important and the largest elements in an image so it is important that we get this spot on. This could be solid colour backdrops, dark or light textured backdrops, fabric, rustic wood etc. Referring back to your mood board at this point could also be helpful, to see what you are drawn too.

**Image styling and photography for Dancing Sands

Do you prefer close-up shots of your product or have the product as part of a larger styled setting (e.g. flat lay or vignette)?

Different products require different set ups and the answer to this question may depend on what you are using the images for. If you are wanting your product to be shown in use then larger style settings are usually better for this but of course getting up close and personal to capture those little details can also be an essential part of your story so we do like to include these types of shots where relevant.

Do you give us permission to share the images we create for you on our own social media channels?

We always like to ask this as the content that we use for our social media and website is work that we produce for clients. If your images are for a product release that hasn’t happened yet then we are more than happy to wait before we share. If you would generally like to be the first to share your shots before we do that is ok too, just let us know.

How did you find Revised Edition?

This is just for our own records; we would love to know how you found us!

**Image styling and photography for Hair Plus

After that there are two pages left in the brief for you to attach your inspiration images and explain what you like about them and how they work for your brand. You are welcome to attach your original mood board of course we would love to see that. You are also asked to list any other important details including any particular dimensions that you need for shots, groupings of particular products etc.

Getting the design brief back from a client is one of the most exciting parts of the process for me as I love to see what you have come up and what directions we are going to be heading for the shoot. If you need help filling this out then of course we are happy to chat through the details with you but it is beneficial to get your initial thoughts before we get in too deep.

Every brand and product is totally unique and this is your opportunity to tell us why your brand is special so that we can bring that through in your images.

I hope this has been helpful and you are now inspired to sit down with a cuppa and start this exciting process.

Until next time,


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